Texture & Painting

Texturing is a very important part of the 3D modelling process. All of the finer characteristics of characters in 3D modelling, such as wrinkles and individual carpet threads, are the product of texture applied by a 3D artist. Usually, the 3D models created are in a program’s default flat grey colour. 2D photos must be set out on 3D models to add colours, designs, and textures. Adding colours or surface and material properties to a 3D model requires another step forward in the 3D modelling pipeline i.e. 3D texturing. This approach frequently results in the whole colour and surface properties of a 3D model. Our 3D Texture artist creates natural materials that are applied to 3D models environments. Our texture artist can add texture to a model by hand-painting the textures or even by using real pictures to produce a detailed or realistic appearance. Unwrapping, texture painting & shading and rendering are all parts of the texturing stage of the 3D animation pipeline.